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Fentanyl overdoses can be deadly, so it is vital that you call triple zero (000) or 911 right away if you suspect an overdose may have occurred. A person overdosing on fentanyl may present with the following overdose signs and symptoms, Pinpoint pupils. Weak muscles. Dizziness. Confusion.

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What is Fentanyl Nasal Spray Lazanda

LAZANDA (fentanyl) nasal spray is a liquid formulation of fentanyl citrate, an opioid agonist, intended for intranasal transmucosal administration. The product consists of a practically clear to clear, colorless, aqueous solution of fentanyl citrate in a glass multidose container to which is attached a metered-dose nasal spray pump with a visual and audible spray counter.

Each actuation is designed to deliver a spray of 100 mcL of solution containing 100 mcg, 300 mcg or 400 mcg fentanyl base, respectively. This enables doses of 100 mcg, 300 mcg or 400 mcg to be administered using a single spray into one nostril (1 spray) and 200 mcg, 600 mcg or 800 mcg to be administered using a single spray into both nostrils (2 sprays).

Active ingredient: Fentanyl citrate, USP is N-(l-phenethyl-4-piperidyl) propionanilide citrate (1:1). Fentanyl is a highly lipophilic compound (octanol-water partition coefficient at pH 7.4 is 816:1). Fentanyl citrate is sparingly soluble in water (1:40). The molecular weight of the free base and citrate salt are 336.5 and 528.6, respectively. The pKa is 8.4. The compound has the following structural formula:

Lazanda (fentanyl) belongs to a group of pain medications, known as opioids. It works directly on opioid receptors in your brain to relieve pain.

Lazanda (fentanyl Nasal Spray) dosage forms

Lazanda has 100mcg/spray 300mcg/spray 400mcg/ fentany nasal spray

Your provider will work with you to prescribe the right dose of Lazanda (fentanyl) for your individual needs. It’s recommended to use the lowest dose possible for the shortest duration of time to manage your pain.

The typical starting dose is one spray (100 mcg) in one nostril for one episode of breakthrough pain.

Effect of Lazanda 

The most common side effects of Lazanda include:

  • dizziness,
  • drowsiness,
  • weakness,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • trouble sleeping,
  • stomach pain,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • constipation, and
  • swelling in your arms, hands, legs, or feet


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just wow

If you suffer from chronic pain, Fentanyl may be a great alternative. they are 100% legit

I am very impressed

It was a last resort option that I had to take, after suffering for almost 15 years and i don't regret it


If you or someone you may know is suicidal, look no further and make an appointment ASAP. This is a much better alternative

I am imppressed

Best pain reliever. five stars to this product


Was introduced to this product by my in-law, help my husband on his Pain. Tried a couple different products and drugs takes a longer time to react till i fell in love with the fentanyl nasal spray. Thanks to this online store I’m happy and have a great husband with cool kids. A million thanks to my in-law for all the help.

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