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Nembutal powder (Pentobarbital Sodium) is a prescription drug primarily used as an insomnia treatment , a sedativepreanesthetic, a short term hypnotic , and control of convulsions in emergencies. In high doses, pentobarbital ( Nembutal ) causes death by respiratory arrest . It  is used by some U.S. states and the U.S. federal government for executions of convicted criminals. In some countries and states, it is also used for Euthanasia.

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Uses Of Nembutal Solution

Pentobarbital (Nembutal) is a short-acting barbiturate sedative-hypnotic that is widely used in veterinary practice for anesthesia and euthanasia. It is also recommended as a drug for euthanasia or assisted suicide due to its rapid onset of coma and perception of a peaceful death. oral nembutal for sale free shipping

For both human and vet use. oral nembutal for sale
– Drinkable Nembutal mixed with sweeteners to avoid the bitterness of the liquid ,
– Nembutal sodium ( Sterile solution) 6.5grams/100ml ,
– Nembutal sodium ( oral solution) 10grams/100ml ,
 Nembutal sodium capsules ( 50mg & 100mg ),
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Advantages: Nembutal (pentobarbital sodium) is used short-term to treat insomnia. It is also used as an emergency treatment for seizures, and to cause patients to fall asleep for surgery. Nembutal is in the barbiturate drug class, and acts as a depressant, or sedative. This medication is also available in generic form. oral nembutal for sale from mexico



  1. Sedatives.
  2. Hypnotics, for the short-term treatment of insomnia, since they appear to lose their effectiveness for sleep induction and sleep maintenance after 2 weeks (See “CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY” section.)
  3. Preanesthetics.
  4. Anticonvulsant, in anesthetic doses, in the emergency control of certain acute convulsive episodes, e.g., those associated with status epilepticus, cholera, eclampsia, meningitis, tetanus, and toxic reactions to strychnine or local anesthetics. nembutal for animals


Dosages of barbiturates must be individualized with full knowledge of their particular characteristics and recommended rate of administration. Factors of consideration are the patient’s age, weight, and condition. Parenteral routes should be used only when oral administration is impossible or impractical. buy oral nembutal


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